there is only so much one can take, relating to this subject. the number of times i’ve had to explain that “asking for it” is not an excuse, the number of times that i’ve had to explain that “she already said yes” doesn’t allow you to continue after she said no, the number of times i’ve had to tell well meaning boys that they cannot whistle at girls on the street because they think it’s a compliment.

i have held friends to sleep because a boy would not stop. because he didn’t listen, because he held her down and forced his 90 kg body on her 54 kg frame, because she couldn’t move underneath him, because her mother told her she should have “dressed better”, because her thighs must have been too much for his pathetic level of self control, because she was blamed for her rape because she wore a skirt, because she is pansexual, because rape culture tells him that he is correct, that she is a slut, that her sexual liberation is a joke, that a nineteen year old woman should not be taken seriously when she reports a rape to the police.

because she is not the first friend i have had to hold.

savannah brown released a new slam poem this week called, hi, i’m a slut and i think it’s important that everyone hears it. in it, she says, “my body is a temple, and i am the god it was built for”. i am the god it was built for. i am the god adorning myself with winged eyeliner and chokers and leggings because i am trying to be the master of my fate. i am the god hiding in the same oversized grey hoodie every time i’m out past 10 pm for fear of men with nothing to lose taking all i have from me. i am the god who has been ripped to pieces by every “she asked for it”, “the bitch deserved it”, “feminism is for pussies”, “how fucking dare she say no to me”.

i am the god it was built for, and i have had enough.



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